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Great week!

So, Jon and Tucker have almost completed their first week of the new school year. I have to say, they are both doing such a great job already! I wasn't too concerned about Jon because he's so easy going and has never had any issues in school. Tucker is another story altogether! One of the conditions of his interdistrict transfer being approved was he had to sign and follow a behavioral plan. He's not a bad kid, he just thinks HE should be the one in charge. Which, needless to say, doesn't always go over so well with teachers and principals. SO, day 1 we had to meet with the principal (WONDERFUL man) and sign his contract. Tucker was so aggreable about everything and was in a great mood. He tends to get very anxious in new situations but he did surprisingly well. He even made a couple of friends on the first day! This is a HUGE deal for him. He spent half of last year playing alone at recess! He was shocked that his new friend Eric is taller than him and "he's ONLY in 2nd grade!" Tucker was retained and I guess in his mind, he should be one of the biggest kids. He's a tiny lil guy though. Not even 50lbs yet! So, the year seems to be off to a great start! Jake starts next Tuesday which will be SO much easier for me. He's bored at home and so he's been ultra hyper! I'm too tired for that right now! Things are looking brighter though here.... Football games start soon for Jon...FUN! He's so excited about this season as he's now in the ADVANCED league. (scary for me!) I have a jam packed chauffer schedule...(every night it's something!) Tucker AND Jake have decided they'd like to try Cub Scouts again. (HUGE step in the right direction for these two)I also just joined a stay at home moms club which should be fun. It's so nice when things seem to be working out well!

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Norm & Debra said...

That's so exciting! We're really glad that things are going well. I've been praying about your back to school process, talk to you later!

~ Norm