"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Well, it's been about a week since I've posted anything! I've been busy, not super busy but, tired too! I'm now entering the fun part of the pregnancy where things aren't feeling as good as they once did. My hips are starting to hurt and I'm having difficulty sleeping. Comes with the territory. I am 30 weeks today! I can't believe how quickly it's going. I've never had a pregnancy go so quickly before! It's nice. But, I do know that I have the toughest 10 weeks left. It's such a busy time of year that I'm sure they'll fly by. The boys have been keeping busy. Jon has started his football season and he's doing well so far. He has practice 3 nights a week as well as Scouts and youth group at church. If you didn't count, that's 5 nights of activities! Yes, the gas goes quickly...... Jared and I are attending a NAMI class which is very eye opening and educational regarding having a friend or relative with a mental illness. If I didn't post before, Jake has had a second opinion and the 2nd doc feels that his issue is anxiety rather than Bipolar disorder. (Far less scary of a diagnosis for me!) We're still having a lot of difficulty managing him at times. Bedtimes are particularly bad. Tucker's doing SO WELL in school. He's got several pals, one who waits patiently for him every morning at the fence. It's so cute to see him having such fun with his friends. This is the first year he's really blossomed enough to have several friends. Tanner is having a lot of fun 3x a week in preschool. He sees his girlfriend (from last year's class) out on the playground quite a bit and he's always happy about that. I think he's happier about the fact that Logan (his rival) isn't at school at the same time trying to steal Natalie away! It's so funny to hear him talk about it all! Jared's still very busy with his business. As soon as the weather turns, he should have more time available for the family. I am REALLY looking forward to that because I'm just tired! I am getting tired of being a single mom and I'm looking forward to getting a bit more time to...just.....sit. We are getting a new vehicle soon too since my current car (which I LOVE) only has 6 seatbelts. Bummer! AND, on top of that, I'm having to sell my current car. WAH! I really don't want to she's got such personality...but it's more logical to sell her than it is to keep her. So, out with the old, in with the new. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that I'll be going from a totally cool, original car to a car just like everyone else's. I don't really like that but trust me, I'll do something to the new vehicle to set it apart from the crowd. The boys are already nervous about that! Hee hee!


Anonymous said...

i just found your blog and i love it! i noted that in one of your earlier posts you said that you wondered why no-one commented and i have to say, who cares~!
I love your blog!! keep writing!

Dana said...

Aww, thanks! I appreciate the comments, makes me feel like my life is worth reading about! LOL

Anonymous said...

what kind of car is it that you're selling?
and we love your blog too!!!

~ Norm & Debra