"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Out of room

I am officially running out of room! This kid is moving in to my ribcage. UGH! It all started with my oldest, Jon, getting a foot stuck in my ribs during delivery. Yes, he broke my rib. After that, his brothers all managed to find, and rebreak that rib (in utero) I am really not looking forward to another broken rib. I thought maybe, *just MAYBE* I'd get away, break-free this time. Who was I kidding other than myself? I have a feeling that my rib will be cracked yet again at some point soon. Other than that to look forward to, I'm really doing ok. Just ok. I'm at the point in the pregnancy where the novelty has SO worn off. I'm not comfy anymore. I can't find a comfy position to sit, sleep, or stand. This could be because I always seem to have monster sized babies (10 lbs, 9.14, 9.11 and 8.10.....induced a week early) I do have a feeling that this one is going to be a whopper as well. But, there are only 7 weeks left till my dute date which means that in about 8.5 weeks I will be able to breathe freely again! I'm so dang jealous of my friend Beth, who is due in 9 days! I'm sure this last 7 weeks will fly by though so I'll try not to complain TOO much! If I get kind of whiny, slap me, will ya?

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