"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Projects at home

We seem to have a never ending list of things we want to get done around the house. Jared is one of those, "I'll start the project but it'll be many years before I complete it" types. SO, we seem to have many half done projects. It's a never ending source of irritation for me because I'm one of those types who likes to finish what I start. Unfortunately, these projects that need finishing are not really things I feel qualified to do. The good news is, with this baby on the way (any day now....I HOPE!) Jared seems to have a fire lit under his butt to finish things up. (A small fire but, hey, it's a fire!) He's actually got quite a few things done lately. Several years ago, he put laminate flooring in our stairway and kitchen. It looked fabulous, except for the unfinished laminate to carpet section. He has a friend who gave him a bunch more of the laminate flooring awhile back and he FINALLY finished off the upstairs with laminate flooring! It looks SO GREAT! Our kitchen, dining room and living room is basically one BIG room and this floor makes it look so much bigger. I LOVE it! Plus, it's better for the kids allergies. We've had tile for the bathroom floor for about 6 mos now. A couple of weeks ago, I took down the border in the bathroom and painted. It was difficult, standing on the tub and counter to get to the higher spots but I did it. This weekend, Jared ripped out the toilet and vanity and VOILA, I now have a beautifully tiled bathroom! Unfortunately, when he went to put in the new vanity and countertop, he found the countertop was totally chipped and the vanity didn't fit properly with where the plumbing was! BUMMER! So we now have to return the larger vanity and replace it with another small one. BAH! He also managed to replace the bathroom door as well as Tucker and Tanner's bedroom door (both had holes thanks to Jake). I would not recommend paneled doors. They look beautiful but they're a pain in the rear to paint! I also got our kitchen painted....FINALLY! Now we've decided to do a tile backsplash which will look great. SO, things are moving along nicely and we'll probably be finished by the time we're ready to move and buy a house of our own!

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