"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



So, I've blogged about my mom's weird dream. Here's mine from last night and it's stranger by far! In real life, when my mom was pregnant with my brother, she used to be able to grab limbs when he'd kick and actually get ahold of them. Then it was a fun lil tug of war game as he tried to reclaim his limb. My 22 yr. old sister seems fascinated by that story and loves to see if she can grab this baby's arm or leg when he kicks me. So far, she's had no luck, he's quick.... BUT, last night, in dreamland, I was quicker! I grabbed a limb and held on. I showed her, "look, I got one!" Suddenly, you could clearly see a hand on the end of the limb. I thought, "Dang, that's awfully high for a hand, that should be down much lower!" Then, the skin on my belly seemed to get incredibly thin because next thing I knew, the baby was kicking out a foot, which I could see clearly, in 3D. Before we knew what was happening, the entire baby, from the neck down was completely visible outside my stomach. We were up at my mom's and we went to show her. I was basically carrying the baby in my arms (except for the head which was still not visible) The baby was still quite active and when the legs were kicking around, I caught sight of something I've NEVER seen on my children........GIRL PARTS! My eyes got really wide and I yelled at Bre (sis) "Look, it's a girl!" It was definitely a girl, plain as day! I was in shock! Then I woke up...... So, I'm sure this child is not going to actually morph out of my stomach (from the neck down) BUT, is this some kind of sign that the baby is indeed a pink one rather than a blue one? Hopefully we will know for sure really soon! WHAT A CRAZY DREAM!

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Amie said...

Okay, are you pulling our leg about the ultrasounds? Do you really know this baby is a girl? LOL