"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Any guesses?

I'm officially due in 4 days....December 5th. NONE of my boys have come early. Jon was 3 days late, Tanner was 8 days late, Tucker was late but I don't remember exactly HOW late (bad, I know) and Jake was induced early. They were all pretty large babies too. 10lbs, 9lbs11oz, 9lbs14oz and 8lbs10oz (a week early) SO, anybody want to put in a guess of when the lil one will arrive and about how big he'll be? I think he'll be here on the 11th and he'll be 9lbs8oz. BUT, I must say, I'm not feeling a positive HE vibe. Could just be due to the fact that they were completely wrong with Tanner. WHO KNOWS?! So, what's your best guesses?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

I have been reading for a little while now, and I am eagerly anticipating your blog post from the delivery room :) No really, I am so excited for you!

I'm gonna guess at: December 7th at 2 in the am, with a little blue, weighing in at 9'2.

Can't wait to hear the big news, good luck with the shopping (hoping for you that the water doesn't break in the middle of wal-mart....)


Dana said...

Leanne, it's always good to hear from somebody new! Actually, as embarrassing as it would be, my water breaking would be a sure sign of labor, one that they couldn't send me home for! LOL I've never actually HAD my water break before arriving at the hospital.

Do you have a blog? If so, I'd love to check it out!

Amie said...

I can't wait! Very curious to see if your vibes are on to something.

Anyway, I say the 7th, 9lbs 5oz