"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


The way I see it.....

this is just the new me. I'm not really pregnant, just strangely round. That's not a baby kicking, but massive indigestion. I'm 6 days late! I know I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning but I REALLY don't want to be induced again. I feel fine really, so there's not really a medical reason for it. I am so torn. Tomorrow is really a bad day for an induction. It's Jon's Winter Concert at school and he will supposedly earn an F for the whole quarter if he doesn't go! Jake has an ice skating field trip that he'd rather go to than be at the hospital. Not to mention Jared has a FULL day of work scheduled and so does my dad and sister. UGH! I hate this! PLUS, I think I'd MUCH rather have "surprise!" pain than scheduled pain. You know what I mean? Any thoughts? I am too hormonal to make these decisions on my own! I mean, if they could just break my water and have everything just go on naturally from there, that'd be great. BUT, my fear is that they'll break my water, nothing will happen, so I'll be forced to be hooked to Pitocin the whole time! That really stinks. I've been there twice and I HATED it. HELP!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to Pitocin. Hate it.

I think that if they think the baby is fine, and there's no potential of any problems (ie meconium, skin problems..etc) Then why not wait a little longer? especially since you're feeling so good.

BUT I guess it really is up to the Doctors...they know best. Are you allowed to re-schedule??

Dana said...

I don't know what they'll say about rescheduling but I think I'm going to try to. I was timing contractions last night so I thought for sure I'd go into labor. I was having them every 13 minutes for over 2 hours. BUT, no labor luck! As far as I know, they have no good reason to induce. I'm sure my doc would have told me if there was a reason. I think I'll try to reschedule it for Friday which is a FAR better day for me. I'm more stressed about the induction than going a couple more days anyhow. Although, 12/12 would be a cool bday! LOL

Amie said...

Hey, if you don't want to be induced, don't do it! I would find out when the next available inducment would be though in case you change your mind.

I will say, when I was induced at 42 weeks it went FAST. My body was so ready.