"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


New year's resolutions...

I am not big on New Year's resolutions....never have been. BUT, this year, I think I've decided on some things I'd like to try. It just so happens that I thought of these things around the beginning of the year so we'll call them N.Y.R! 1. I am going to try a new recipe every week. I'll post recipe and if it was a hit or miss weekly as well....in case you need something new! 2. I am going to get the family eating healthier. This means a big effort on my part to keep the house stocked with quick and HEALTHY snacks. It'll also mean a few slight changes in cooking habits. We are generally healthy eaters but the kids tend to be "sugar addicts" 3. I want to get in shape! Yes, I am thin but nothing is toned so I need to start something to remedy that situation. My mom (also my neighbor) has a treadmill. I think I'll use it! 4. The dreaded "chore charts" are making a comeback in my house. The boys HATE them but when we were using them, life was OH SO MUCH EASIER! AND, my house looked MUCH better. It's far less stress for me to simply look at my chart and have a definite, written game plan for the day. The help from the kids is wonderful too! 5. I am GOING to get my house organized. I'm heading to IKEA on Tuesday for some organizational tools. This will mean LOTS of work for me....going through ALL of our belongings and looking at things without the "sentimental glasses" I need to just offload some things....We ALL tend to be pack rats here! 6. Last, but certainly not least, I NEED to have more patience with the boys! This one'll be a struggle at times but I'm sure with some serious help from above, I can manage! Let's hope I can keep these goals in sight and stay on track. I'll update periodically to let you know how successful I've been.

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