"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Here in Cootie Cabin we have nothing much to do
I'm here among the sickos with bronchitis, colds and flu...
Poor Jon has got pneumonia or maybe it's bronchitis
One thing's for certain though, his cough does not delight us!
Jake's had a fever for a week now, but seems to feel just fine
He's teasing everyone in sight and I'm slowly losing my mind.
Tucker went back to school today after missing 5 whole days
Now if only the other's would improve and mosey on their ways....
Tanner's got a terrible cough and a fever too
I think the poor kid must just have a simple case of the flu
Brennen is so stuffy but still a happy boy
He's the only one bringing any bit of joy!
Now Jared is the worst of all, fever, cough, complain
Thank God he went back to work today....I thought I'd go insane!
I am tired of the sounds of snot, sneeze, cough
I wish I had a great remote to turn the sick sounds off!
Lucky for me, I am still well, as well as I can be
I wish the guys would be well too, this is misery!


Amie said...

I love your poem! :D Wishing everybody a speedy recovery!

Susan Hatler said...

Hope everyone gets better soon, Dana!