"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Busy like only a mom of 5 can be....

Life has been super busy lately! Good, but busy. The boys remain well, all are in school. (THANK YOU GOD!) Spring has sprung! The weather has been gorgeous. Well, it's a bit misty out today but still warm. My schedule is crammed full of activities and appointments. Jon is still working on catching up on his schoolwork from being sick. I think he's just about done.... YEAH! He's also been saving his hard earned $$ for a new skateboard which he just purchased (with a little help from me) over the weekend. He's so excited! It's his first brand new, name brand, awesomely put together piece by piece skateboard. It was bucks but he's worked hard to save. Jon is still really active in his scout troop and he's involved in Phish Club (Christian club) at school and Fusion (youth group) at church. Jake turned 11 on the 1st and we had put off his little celebration with his friends because he was sick forever. Well, this past weekend we finally took his buddies, brothers, and of course me and Jared to a fun lunch and the movies. Jared took him and his buds to see "Ghostrider" while I took Tucker, Tanner and Brennen to see "The Last Mimzy". I heard rave reviews from the boys about Ghostrider so I guess it was pretty good. The Last Mimzy was cute. It entertained the boys but I don't know that they understood the whole thing. Overall, we all had fun! Jake has decided that he wants to get involved in scouting again so he's just joined Jon's Troop. Jon, of course, is less than thrilled to have his lil bro tagging along at the meetings but they will be in separated groups and it *should* be ok. If Jake causes problems though, I will have to find a new troop for him. I really hope this works out. They had a meeting last night and he said he saw tons of his old friends there. This could potentially be great for him. He's also been participating in a free after school sports program on Mondays. They have a snack, do homework and then play some sort of game. He seems to be enjoying it and he really needs the experience of being part of a group/team again. It's been so long since he's been involved in any group activities like this. Tucker has started taking piano lessons! He goes every Monday to my MIL and she gives him a 30 minute lesson. He LOVES it! He's doing really well. He's totally a natural! He has also been doing an after school science program on Tuesdays and he's having a blast with that. Tanner is taking swim lessons. He's already received 2 ribbons for his accomplishments! He also just recently started karate. He's having SO much fun doing that. He goes 2 times a week and looks absolutely adorable in his little karate outfit. The lil guys in his class are so dang cute with their "Yes SIR! Yes Ma'am!" Tucker is wanting to start karate now too! Brennen is just busy being a cutie! He "talks" to me a lot and is still just such a happy baby. I just had 3 month photos taken and they are SO CUTE! He gave us a perfect big gummy grin for one of them. Tanner had pics taken yesterday too. Tucker and Jake go tomorrow and Jon on Saturday. I usually have them done every year around bdays but somehow didn't get to it last year! OOPS! So, I'm getting a head start on them this year (Bdays are mostly in May!) Jared has been SO busy with work. Usually, a pool guys business slows down drastically during the winter months. Not so for my pool guy! He's been swamped! He's been in business for a little over a year and we are already needing at least 1 full time employee! Such a scary step! I think the thought of having an employee scares me more than Jared actually going out on his own! I have nothing but confidence in him.....an employee is somewhat questionable. BUT, if he gets someone to do the regular maitenance, that'll leave him open to doing more repairs and remodels (bigger money jobs) So, please pray that we find "the perfect" employee! As for me....I don't have time to do much besides driving the guys around. I love my job! (most days! ;0)

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