"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


very frustrating

While DH (Jared) is wonderful at running his own business, I only wish he was 1/2 as good at doing the family thing. I'm getting SO tired of him not actually being HERE when he's here. He started his own business so he'd not only have more money but he'd have more TIME for his family. And now, what does he do? When he's at home, if his phone rings and it's a business call (it ALWAYS is) he takes it! We're in therapy with Jake, he takes calls.... I'm trying to help him take his truck into the shop this morning for some warranty work, he's on the phone. He gets in the car with me and I'm telling him about the phone call I just got from Jake and....midsentence he cuts me off and makes a call! I am just furious about this! I feel like it's just so rude! Any advice on how to make him be a little more "with us" when he's with us? I think maybe I just need to stop including him in our plans because it feels like such a personal rejection when he blows us off all the time......

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