"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


so sad

My neighbors dog went missing on Friday the 13th. The same day that our deranged 22 yr old neighborhood weirdo was shooting his various guns. Yesterday, Cali was found on the railroad tracks....dead, of course. There were also 2 other dogs there, all with collars on. I am just so sad and disgusted by this act of cruelty. I'm positive it was this kid. Cali wasn't hit by a train, she was just dumped there. Our neighbor Matt and DH (Jared) went to this kid's house on Saturday, looking for Cali. I'm sure that's when he decided to ditch her. Matt had already filed a report with the police. There's been MANY reports filed and complaints lodged about this kid. I hope they can examine Cali and find a way to nail his butt! It's just sick! Sadly though, there is a two year old lil girl who knows her doggy is gone and is really upset!


Jennifer&Derrick said...

Wow! That is pretty heartwrenching. I hope that there is some evidence in Cali (a bullet that matches the kid's gun) that can prove that he did it. It always makes me cringe when i hear of people with guns, especially when there is no reason to own one in the first place.

Lori said...

That's so sad! Sounds like the makings of a serial killer there. Ick.

I hope that they can nail him too...those poor animals never deserved that.