"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Tucker the terd.

I am starting to feel like summer is officially too long. While it sort of seems like it's just begun, I am really tired of the constant bickering. It's ALL DAY, every day! It's driving me absolutely nuts. I am also just so tired of never having help! I ask the guys to clean up their room and they simply can't be bothered! It's super irritating. The WORST offenders are of course, Tucker and Jake! It's not like I tell them "go clean your room!" I will give them each one smallish job to complete and I tell them to let me know when their task is complete and I will come and check their work. I offer breaks, snacks, tv time and all in between tasks but it seems they are unable to accomplish anything! Yesterday, I asked Tucker for the umpeenth time to please just stack his books up. 45 minutes and a lot of complaining later, he asked if he could take a small break. I told him that as soon as Tanner was done with his break, Tucker could start a small break. I then checked his progress only to find he had simply stacked maybe 30 books in the corner. Maybe 30 sounds like real progress to you? Well, when they have literally HUNDREDS of books strewn about their room, 30 doesn't seem to make much of a dent! Needless to say, after Jared gets home, we will be cleaning Tucker's room out. This means (and he is well aware of the meaning) he will be losing ALL of his possessions. He and Tanner will be left in a room with NO toys, NO books, NO games! They will have their beds and their clothes ONLY! Does this upset Tucker at all?......NOPE! I can't really get too upset with Tanner about the status of their room because he has cleaned it BY HIMSELF several times. He has a hard time staying on task when Tucker is encouraging him to play. I am truly disappointed in Tucker for the terrible example he's been setting and the blatant disrespect he's showing us by not doing his fair share. If anybody has any really good disciplinary tactics that they feel may be relevant, please DO LET ME KNOW! I am at the end of my rope with this kid. He's just informed me that he no longer wants to be my kid......... UGH!


Sarah said...

I feel your pain, Dana. I go thru it with my 2 boys too. It's hard to separate them too, because they share a room. Just try and stay calm, and hang in there!

andria said...

Sounds like life at our house. We have done the zero possessions thing too and it never works with Jacob. If you find something that works, pass it my way.

Mr.Kim/Mick Bright Kim 金 明哲 said...


Tracey said...

Heh. Yeah. Um, no real words of wisdom yet. But you sound like you're following through with the threats and hopefully it WILL make a difference to Tucker. Crossing my fingers for you.

Jennifer&Derrick said...

My mom used to put all of our belongings (toys/books/games) into a garbage bag and throw it on the front lawn and threaten that other kids could take it if we didn't start cleaning up our stuff. She said that other kids were more deserving of it because they would clean it up.
It worked for us.

Hope this helps