"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



So, we got a call from Tucker's agent the other day wondering if he was available to work tomorrow.... I said yes. He's never had a job yet and has been SO anxious. We had to go to SF for a "go see" which made me wonder if it was an actual job or if she was just checking our availability before the client met Tucker. Well, it IS an actual job. Not only that but it's for THE COVER of a magazine!!!!! I just hope that he ends up on the mag. When Tanner did a mag photo shoot, they ended up using the other boys pic instead (Tanner was NOT cooperative!) SO, hopefully, if all goes well, you will all see a boy you recognize on the November cover of Family Fun magazine! The BEST part is.....I already subscribe to that mag so it's one I actually like! TOO COOL!


Melissa said...

Yay, that's totally awesome!!

Tracey said...

Have fun at the shoot! Good luck to Tucker! You know I think your boys are absolutely gorgeous! :)