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Model mania

Jon is TOTALLY wanting to start modeling now. I think he's seeing green......as in money! BUT, I do think he'd be great at it because he's got an awesome build and he's pretty tall already (5'9"!!!) I sent in pics of Jon AND Brennen to the agent today. I would LOVE to get Baby B in modeling because 1. He's so darn cute and 2. He's really easy to work with.....happy ALL the time. The other parents at Tucker's job kept commenting on how good he was....so happy....he should be a model. SO, we wait and see if the agent is interested in meeting them and signing them. NO, I'm not exploiting my children. They keep their money.....ALL of it! And if they ever said they didn't want to do it, I'd be happy to let them quit. I don't need to see my kids in magazines. YES, it IS exciting but hey, I've got books and books FILLED with their pictures here at home! I'll keep you posted on what the agent has to say. Also....Tanner has a go see for Pottery Barn on Monday!


Tracey said...

Exciting! Your children are definitely beautiful. I know for a fact though, that I couldn't handle the scheduling and rejection of the modeling world!

Jennifer&Derrick said...

Hey there,
just wondering if you could tell me more about the whole modelling business. How did yu get an agent? How did you get involved with it in the first place? What do the agents take in terms of percentages? Were there any starting fees?

The first commenter is correct is saying your sons are beautiful and definitely made for the modelling business!

Email me at derjen@hotmail.com if you could and in the subject box put Boy oh Boy blog so I know it is from you. Thanks again

Norm & Debra said...

sounds exciting, keep us posted! we've always wanted to enter Canaan into contests and the like but never knew where to start. oh well :o)

susanhatler said...

Too fun, Dana. Hope the "go see" goes well!!

Amie said...

Baby B is definitely modeling material!