"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Tanner's new smile.

Do not adjust your screen. What you are seeing is real! My BABY has actually LOST his first tooth! YIKES! He's growing up way too fast for my liking! About 2 weeks ago, Tanner told me he had a wiggly tooth. Well, I didn't really believe him because he's been making this claim for years now. (his bros have been losing teeth, it's the cool thing to say) Well, I checked, and lo and behold he DID have a wiggly tooth! Days later, one wiggly tooth had become 2 wiggly teeth.....the next week, we had 4 wiggly ones! It sort of looked like an old saggy fence in his mouth, you wiggle one and the whole thing sways! He's been grossing me out for days with his tooth that was barely hanging on. Yesterday, I was doing my daily tooth check and realized you could push/pull it completely horizontally either in or out! I told him, "You know, you could pull that out yourself if you wanted to. All you have to do is pull up!" He tried it and......out it came! The look on his face was absolutely priceless! His eyes got so big and round and he was just so surprised that it had come out! Isn't that the cutest lil punkin grin you've ever seen? One baby is losing teeth....maybe the other will start getting some teeth now!
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Melissa said...

Aww, I love toothless grins! So far just my oldest has lost her baby teeth. My second oldest is going into 1st grade and has yet to even have a wiggly one.