"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Picture updates.......

Jon, on opening day of football. He's #32....the one with attitude. They're all so big now! In more recent football news, Jon broke his R middle finger at practice on Thursday. He tried to say it wasn't broken, just sore but when I put a bit of pressure on the swollen area (he claims ISN'T swollen) he sure let out a yelp! Poor kid. He's missed 2 whole seasons of baseball due to broken bones and doesn't want to miss football!
The guys on their first day of school! Tucker and Tanner were SO excited! I'm pretty sure Jon and Jake were too....don't they look it?! NO? That's just the brooding teen look they've got going there.
And this is Jon at the mere mention of ALL THE GIRLS he'll be seeing at school. Hard to keep your broody look going when you're just so giddy at the thought.....
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Anonymous said...

Whatever are you going to do with yourself all day long, with just one at home?? You had better start working on number 6....just a suggestion...:)