"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


the big 1-0

Brennen turned 10 mos on Friday! Can you believe it? He's still such a good boy. He's crawling pretty quickly now and wouldn't you know it, pulling himself up to stand....every chance he gets! You forget how watchful you have to be with a little one who's on the go. Everything goes right in the mouth. He could find a dead, crunchy fly and he'd put it in his mouth. Eewww! He's really testing his physical boundaries lately. He's also starting to catch on to the sign language! So far, he's only done one sign and it wasn't perfect but he's trying! It's really awesome to see. He can do "more" but he only uses one hand. Oh well, he's getting it and that's all that counts for now. He's finally understanding what I mean when I tell him, "no biting." This is great considering I am his main target. He loves drinking out of a straw and he's discovered the joys of whipped cream thanks to his auntie Becca! He's doing really well in his swim class too. Plus, have you seen his pictures? He's a dolly!

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