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Fall Festival fun

We had a great time last night at the fall festival. Our cake and cookies were a hit at the cakewalk. I'm proud to say that Tanner WON A CAKE! In all the years we've been going to the fall festival, none of my kids have EVER won anything! So, it was quite exciting. I didn't get any pics of our creations (see post about camera vs. washing machine) BUT, they turned out really cute. The cake was decorated with maroon and gold frosting, a large lion (made out of melted chocolate chips) and the word GRYFFINDOR. (The theme for the fall festival was Harry Potter this year) The cookies were so yummy and SO easy. I got the idea from my mom. The kids LOVED it. It's simply this.....buy some snack sized candy bars, any kind thats soft. Stick a popsicle stick or cookie stick (found in craft store, preferably not popsicles eaten by your children.....let's think of others here...LOL) ok, so stick the stick in the candy bar and then wrap with sugar cookie dough. Once your sugar cookie covered candy bars are done you can stick all the stick in a pumpkin. I wrapped the cookies in lollipop wrappers and drew a cute face on the pumpkin. It looked sort of like the cookies were it's hair. NOW for the cake we won. Since Tanner won it, I let him pick it with no input from me. Let's just say, it's disgusting. It won a prize for most disgusting cake. I mean, it smells great and all....chocolatey goodness but the design is yucky. The cake even had a title....BABY BRAINS! EWWWW. I know Tanner just picked it because it's a mountain of candy and stuff. I borrowed my mom's camera for the eve. I'll post a picture of this monstrosity in a bit.....
After the fun, we met with a friend of mine and her hubby and kids for some pizza. I had never met her hubby before and Jared hadn't met either of them. We had SUCH a great time. The kids were all hopped up on sugar but played so cute. (My big boys were home so it was only Tuck, Tan and B) Overall, it was a great time.

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