"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


round two and playing catch up

This bug seems to be making it's way around again. Poor Jake woke up at 3am on Friday doing the ole heave ho. So not fair considering he's been such a gem lately. Yes, you all read that right....Jake has been REALLY good! He's started a new sleep med and it's making SUCH a difference. He and Tucker have been playing beautifully all weekend. It's such a change. Jared has also been feeling less than stellar for the past day or so. I am the last man standing. Everybody in my house has been throwing up sick. I'm just semi queasy. It makes my life easier considering I'm still expected to take care of business as usual anyhow. Regardless of the fact that I've not been super sick like the others, my duties have been neglected. I'm spending my beautiful sunny Sunday playing catch up. So far I've cleaned up the kitchen and living room and I'm in the process of decimating my ever growing pile of laundry. Jared is tackling the outdoor projects....cleaning up around the house and hopefully working on our chicken coop. Did I mention he's building one? I'm SO excited. The hen house is built and it's adorable. He and my dad are working on the actual yard now. I hope it's done soon so I can order my lil chickies! The boys are super excited about this. We are also adopting my sisters ducks. She bought 2 at the fair and didn't give it much thought....now we get them. OH JOY! I guess duck eggs are edible too..... So, how are you spending your weekend?

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Melissa said...

Great news about Jake. I would love to have chikens and ducks. We had a chicken coop growing up and it was so much fun gathering eggs. You should post pictures of the hen house, and of course your little chickies when you get them. They are so cute!