"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


7 weird things about me

I've been tagged by Tracey so here goes.....

7 weird things about Dana

1. I have ALWAYS since I was little, eaten the part of a meal which I dislike the most. I love to leave the best part for last. You will, to this day, find me eating a pb&j, crust first (all the way around the sandwich) then eating the gooey middle last. When I was a kid, this ALWAYS backfired on me at school yet I continued to do it. (My best friend was NEVER full after she ate her hot lunch and so she'd ask me for something. Of course, the only thing left at that point was my much loved dessert which I always gave her. My mom says it's why I was always the skinny one while Amanda was a bit chunkier)

Side note here.....apparently I too use all caps for emphasis Tracey! I MUST learn to branch out! LOL

2. I, like Tracey, am thoroughly disgusted by the sight of ear wax in an ear. C'mon people, Qtips were invented for a reason! PLEASE, use them! UGH! Dried boogeys in the nose of my kids drives me batty as well and I've been known to launch sneak attacks on my unsuspecting children.

3. I HAVE to load my dishwasher in a very specific way. All the like silverware goes together...ie: little spoons in one slot, little forks in their own slot....I say it makes it easier to unload but I think I just have a bit of OCD.

4. I cannot stand 1000 island dressing! I think it's absolutely disgusting. (this could have something to do with the rip roaring case of food poisoning I got from it as a child)

5. I've been known to have burping contests with my kids. I know, I know, I seemed like SUCH a lady! LOL Of course, you'll never catch me burping out loud in public but....when in Rome!

6. Even though I already have a herd of boys, I really want JUST one girl! I know it's probably selfish and strange but I feel like having a girl would be SO cool. Not that my boys aren't awesome but hey, it's just not the same....

7. I am a total list maker. Not to the point of obsession or anything but I find that I often forget things if I don't write it down. Is it early onset Alzheimers or simply the insanity that comes with raising 5 boys?!?! I just don't know!

Bonus fact: I had such a hard time thinking of the last 2 but suddenly I thought of just one more......I have A LOT of gray hair! Way too much for being not even 35 yet! It tends to be right at my temples....so shiny, so white. I told the boys to call me Mrs. Fantastic! (I did get my hair colored yesterday.....the boys were getting embarrassed by their gray haired mom! No joke. Sweet kids, eh?)

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