"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


B & Santa

It's always hard to get a decent pic of a picture but you can tell here how much Brennen enjoyed his first visit with Santa! The next second he screamed! Actually, when we first walked up to Santa and I said, "look Brennen, it's Santa!" he started crying! I didn't really care if it was a crying pic or not (I know, I'm mean!) I just wanted a pic of him and the man in red. I have pics of all the other boys with Santa and I felt like somehow it would be wrong not to have at least ONE of B with Santa. This will probably be the last time we visit Santa. But, at least there's a picture. Now I won't have a troubled adult son sitting on Santa's lap because he feels that he was cheated when a child! LOL
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SydneyDawn said...

Awww. It took my son a few years to warm up to Santa but now he loves going. Maybe next year?

Dawn said...

Aww. Such a sad little face.

Jennifer&Derrick said...

Poor little Brennan. He looks terrified! Your such an evil mommy! (kidding:)) My daughter reacted the same way until Santa gave her a candy cane, then she was all smiles!
I can't believe your babe is 1! Where did the year go? Do you think u will be having any more beauties in the future?