"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


the monkeys are taking over the zoo!

Tucker's been suspended! Apparently, he was quite rude with his teacher on Friday and then there was an "incident" on the playground where he was upset because a girl took his ball so he pulled her necklace. OY! What do I do with this kid?!?! Between him and Jake, I'm going NUTS! He's been suspended for today. I tried to explain to him that had he told a yard duty like he was SUPPOSED to, SHE would have been in trouble and not him. The problem with Tucker is, he's SUCH a vengeful person. If he feels he's been wronged, he MUST exact some hideous revenge. It drives me insane and I cannot seem to convince him that it is such an ugly behavior. My mom suggested I take him on errands.....all.day.long! This kid HATES running errands. Maybe I'll run him ragged today. The sad thing is, he's SUCH a sweet kid but he just has that overwhelming sense of, "I MUST get back at him!" Any fabulous ideas that I'm just not seeing here?!?! If you've got an idea, throw it my way. If you've dealt with something like this and been successful in re-routing the behavior, I think that's just something I NEED to hear about!

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Amie said...

Sounds like he has a strong sense of justice.