"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


a little birdie and hide and seek

Last night, Jared and I were sitting and watching a bit of TV while Tucker and Tanner were being "unsuccessfully" quiet in their room (trying to wind down for bed) I realized that I could see a bit of their room in the glass door of our new (to us) entertainment center. I was taking advantage of my extra eyes and I told Tucker that he did indeed need to get on his bed. His reply was, "I am on my bed Mom"
"No you're not Tucker, you're on the ladder of your bed....climb all the way up please."
"What are you talking about? Where are you Mom"
"Tucker, all the way, you're almost there"
"Ok, I'm up now"
"Tucker, don't lie to me....get ON your bed"
The next thing I saw shocked me! I even had to move my head to get a better glimpse in the glass door....I saw a little birdie.....being FLIPPED.....AT ME!
The little terd was flipping me off!!! I looked over at Jared and said, "Oh my gosh, he's totally flipping me off!" I wasn't mad but just sort of....indignant and "how dare he". Jared immediately got up to confront the lil flipper. Tucker still has NO idea how I saw him. I reminded him that I am a Mom and mom's are all seeing and all knowing and I do indeed even have eyes in the back of my head. When Jared came out of the room after the talk, he shut their light off, cutting off all glass door viewing. He came out of the room...."Now where in the world did Tanner go?!" He promptly went downstairs to Jake's room to look. (Jared gets SUPER annoyed when the kids are out of their rooms past bedtime) As soon as Jared was downstairs, a giggling Tanner came bouncing out of his room.
"I was by my bookshelf the WHOLE time and nobody knew where I was!"
He was cracking up over the whole thing. It was like he was the ultimate winner of a hide and seek game and could not believe his good fortune! He was laughing so hard! It was hilarious! When you factor in his little lisp, it made it impossible not to laugh with him. He kept saying it over and over..."nobody knew where I was!"
These kids are knuckleheads!

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