"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Let the games begin!

I signed Tanner up for hist first team sport.....Tball! I just got an email from his coach and practices are set to begin next week! It's so funny that I got this email just now because just yesterday at pick up, I was asking one of the other moms if she had heard anything yet.....I guess all I needed to do was talk about it and it happened! LOL Tanner is SO excited! He's got two of his buddies from school on his team which is awesome. It's a funny team though.....Tanner's not a super common name (or so I thought) but on the team there are 3 Tanners, 2 Aidans and a Hayden, and 2 Williams! Gosh, I always thought that Tanner was a pretty unique-ish name! Now I know better! Anyhow, I am nervous and excited for him to start. He's got such a defiant streak in him that can be downright embarrassing. I'm hoping that if I can get all the brothers interested in tossing the ball around with him, it will help with a bit of compliance when it comes to practices. We shall see!


Melissa said...

I would have thought Tanner would have been an uncommon name as well. How funny there are so many with the same names on one team. They do go by last name right? That should solve any confusions! Way to go Tanner!!

Dawn said...

I didn't think Tanner was a very common name either. Although I'm sure it is on the top 1000 names chart and those kids have got to live somewhere. Apparently in your area! lol!

Dawn said...


This is the place where I got the amber necklace. It explains it better then I can. :)

Dawn said...

It's www.wondrousgems.com

if that other address doesn't work.

SydneyDawn said...

Team sports are always exciting. Hopefully he'll really enjoy it, and all the team parents will behave themselves.