"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


today's count

The boys are still not well and I can already tell today is going to be a rough one. Jon is home from school with poison oak all up and down his arm. That alone wouldn't keep him from school but he's also got it on his face. It's surrounding one eye and down his cheek and over his nose. Last night it seemed to be getting worse. I can't send him to school. Middle school is hard enough without THAT embarrassment!

Jake was up last night....SCREAMING! His ear is really bothering him and I'm guessing he's got an ear infection. I've not looked in it yet as my lovelies broke MY ear scope and I'd have to trek up to borrow my mom's. I'm guessing from the sheer volume of his screams....it's infected. He's got an appointment at 10.

Tucker was throwing up AGAIN last night. I made burgers for dinner (the kid's favorite) and he wouldn't eat his. He said he felt yucky again. Sure enough, he threw up......LOTS. I think he's sick because of the amoxicillin. I'm going to ask for a different antibiotic for him while at Jake's appointment.

I *think* Tanner is well. (Did I just make my kid sick by writing that?)

Brennen is ok too.....(knocking on wood)

So, how about you all? Anybody in your household bring new meaning to "Spring Fever"?

UPDATE: Jake DOES have a really bad ear infection. The doc doesn't think Tucker is vomiting from the antibiotic so now we have to test it. No antibiotics today, I'll give them to him tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Tanner is at school. Brennen is a genius....while waiting for prescriptions, he pointed to and said, "window" I didn't know he even KNEW that word! Jon didn't go to the docs but I was able to get him some oral steroids for his poison oak as well as 2 different creams. The cherry on the cake of misery.....Jared is home throwing up and with a fever! UGH! Men make the WORST patients. So dramatic......
How long can one mom possibly last in the infirmary?!?!?


SydneyDawn said...

Awww, it sucks when your kiddos aren't feeling well.

We've got some serious allergies going on here. Everything outside is covered in yellow pollen. Achooo! YUCK.

Dawn said...

Wow! Hope all your guys are feeling better soon.