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Birthday Blitz

May is quite a busy month for us as far as birthdays go. I've been super busy planning birthday fun for the guys this month. This level system has been keeping me on my toes as well. Unfortunately, we had our first birthday casualty on the 12th. Tucker was not on level to have a party! While I felt terrible about this, I understood that it was really a choice HE was making and not something awful I was doing to him. Besides, I gave him SO many warnings to watch his behavior and he just couldn't hold it together. We did still celebrate his birthday as a family complete with a special Chinese take out dinner (by request) and Jon made him a cake.

This past Saturday, the 24th, we celebrated our 2nd birthday of the month. Jon is now 14!!!! Jared and I took him out to a really nice restaurant, Hana Japan, where they cook the food right in front of you. It was really a nice night out, just the 3 of us. Jon's always wanting to go there....it's one of my favorite restaurants. My mom and dad also treated him to the first showing of the new Indiana Jones flick. They went at midnight on Wednesday! They invited me along as well but I just can't stay up like I used to! While Jon IS on level to have had a party, it's just not as important to him at this age......My checkbook thanks him!

Tanner is next.....he will be 6!!! on the 28th! He's been doing a really good job with his level and will be on GREEN tomorrow! That's the highest level we have. He's really excited for his birthday and has requested a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese. His Tball team won a pizza party and will be doing that on Tanner's bday. I tried to get him to do Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow and then we could go to his pizza party on Wednesday but for some unknown reason, he doesn't want to do that. So, let's hope that he doesn't regret that decision. I didn't plan a party for him though since his level has been so shaky. I think I'll just have to throw something together rather quickly! I hope he's not disappointed!

So, if it seems like I haven't been on lately....it's because I haven't! These bday boys sure are keeping me busy!

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