"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


midweek message....

The week has been going by fairly quickly. Jon's been having fun working with the cub scouts.....(it's always more fun when they're not YOUR brothers!) We are actually going to take advantage of the free parking pass he got to go hang out at the beach area where he's been working. Should be fun! Jake ended up getting a quick job with Mervyn's yesterday. It was the easiest photo shoot by far. We were there for an hour, he wore a cool outfit and got to ride a skateboard in the photo.....right up his alley! Jake also got his first paycheck in the mail yesterday! He's excited, but unfortunately not yet on level to actually SPEND his money. Jared and I discussed the boys' money and decided that they could have 20% of their checks to spend. 10% HAS to go into a special account for them and the rest will either be used for family stuff or go into a different account for them depending on the need.... Jake wasn't happy with 20% until I pointed out to him that he'll be getting $105 from this first check! That's PLENTY of money for a 12 year old (in MY mind anyway!) Brennen's appointment went well. He's still tiny....10% for weight. He's only 22.5 lbs! Geesh, he was 19 lbs at 8 mos and here, 10 mos later he's only 22.5! He's in the 50% for height though. He's still just AWESOME though....so smart and SO funny! He's great fun. My aunt and uncle recently saw him for the first time in about a year and my uncle commented as he watched him...."He must be SUCH a joy to have in your family" YES, he is! Well, I'm off to drive Jon to another day of cub scout fun!

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Melissa said...

That is great all the work they are getting. How cool!!