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week one....

Well, the first official week of summer is almost over and I must say it's been pretty easy so far. Nevermind the fact that Jon is at camp and Jake is still at school....... It has been a busy week! Jon left EARLY sunday morning as did my mom and sisters. He went to Boy Scout Brownsea (leadership training) they went to Disney World (LUCKY!) It's been a very odd week without Jon and my mom. My sisters I can go awhile without seeing but I see my mom almost daily. Jake is finishing up school this Friday and then he'll get a two week break (wish me luck there!) He's been busy with jobs lately. If it's not jobs, it's auditions! He met with NIKE! yesterday morning and then he and Tucker met with another company in the afternoon. I'm going to try to get them as many jobs as possible this summer to fatten up their college accounts. PLUS, it's always awesome to know that other's find your kids as cute as you do! Unfortunately, after nearly a week of swimming and fun, poor Tucker is sick. He's got an ear infection. It seemed to come on very suddenly (well, the pain part of it) He was fine all week and last night he started crying. Sure enough, when I checked, I found a very red ear. Poor guy. So, today will be sort of a bummer with a doctor's visit. I try to stay away from those.... Saturday will be a fun day....a 3+ hour drive to go see Jon's Brownsea graduation and pick him up. I'm not sure if Jared will be coming along but the thought of 5 kids in the car all day....NOT good! So, how have you all been spending your summer so far?

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Melissa said...

Well, it's been raining almost non-stop here so we've ben trapped inside everyday so far. Today was nice so we took a walk. Tomorrow might be a beach day depending on the weather. My oldest celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday so that was a fun time. Other then that it's been a pretty slow first week summer break. I am sure once school starts again I will wonder how time flew by.