"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Fair-ly fun!

So, yesterday we went to the county fair. I generally try to get out of that at all costs because it's hot, stinky, the people are weird and it's WAY too expensive to take my herd there. Well, yesterday was $2 Tuesday so I figured we'd go but, "We're NOT going on the rides!" They want $26 for a ride wristband.....um....NO! We have Great America passes anyways which has actual real rides.... I was really nervous about taking all 5 boys to the fair but it went....surprisingly well! There were very few arguments and the ones we did have were done and over with rather quickly. We ate lunch before leaving so the snack buying was kept to stricly "must have" fair treats like GIANT dill pickles, funnel cake and sno cones. We went through all the exhibit halls and looked at all the 4H animals. We really had a fun time. We found some humongous candy apples and bought 3 to have up at Grandma and Grandpa's for dessert (like we needed MORE sugar?!?!?) Well, wouldn't you know it....Tanner was puking his wee little guts out last night. I didn't know his stomach could even hold that much! The worst part was that he didn't even wake up! I had to really raise my voice to get his attention so I could heave him over my shoulder to give him a shower. Jared was super helpful by stripping down the bed while I washed Tanner up. I think I would've hurled if I had to do it. I've been feeling somewhat queasy since the initial vomitfest several days ago...... PLUS, Jared pretty much had to do SOMETHING to redeem himself after so rudely falling asleep while I dealt with sick baby last time! Tanner did throw up again in the middle of the night but it wasn't nearly as bad (he slept through that too! How can he DO that?!?!!) I guess if you eat so much candy that you actually vomit, then your trip to the fair was a good one.....right?!?! I feel really icky though today so my guess is my family has some sort of fun bug....hope it's gone soon!

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Hannah said...

Well (aside from the vomiting) it sounds like you all had a fun time at the fair! I love all the pics in your previous posts, too. Your oldest boy looks so very grown up, and you look way too young to have a boy that age! :-)