"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Hot days

Man, has it been HOT! It was 112 here the other day! It's incredibly hard to find good things to do with the kids when merely stepping outside feels like your skin is peeling off! We have been swimming a lot though.....

Big bunny Hurley has been staying inside....it's too dang hot out in the hen house. I'd bring the girls in too if I could! (Could you IMAGINE me bringing in 40+ chickens?!?!)

It's been an odd week....Jake started back to school which is fabulous but, his transportation didn't get properly set up. This happened LAST summer...SO frustrating. I've been having to drive him or pick him up every day which is costing a small fortune in gas. I guess the kids just won't eat this week!

Jake had to have an EEG yesterday. He's been having MAJOR blow outs and "forgetting" everything that happened by the next morning. I'm hoping to get those results by Tuesday. It's really frustrating because I'm working SO hard to find out what's up with my boys and I feel like I keep hitting one brick wall after another. Not that I want something to be majorly wrong with them but I know in my heart that something is just a bit off with Jake and Tucker. I keep hoping to find something simple where I go..."AHHH! THAT'S what's going on....now here's what I need to do." I keep coming up empty handed. The nurse told me that she didn't see anything really unusual on his reading. Of course the pediatric neurologist still needs to check it but....UGH, another dead end!

On a more big boy note....Brennen has repeated his genius-ness by using the toilet several times! He doesn't necessarily tell me when he has to go but he sits up there when I suggest it and he's gone several times! YEAH for B! I think I need to get him some training pants. I'm guessing that if he could really feel when he was wet, he'd be all for telling me when he has to go. Again, let me repeat....the kid is brilliant! He was even singing the clean up song as he picked up his dinner last night. I'm thoroughly enjoying him! Seriously, I could just eat him up....he's THAT cute!

What have you all been up to this summer? Do you have any fabulous ideas on "cool" things I could do with my herd?

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