"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


cute guys

I'm lovin the Alfred Hitchcock profile Brennen has going on here! Don't you just wanna squeeze those cheeks? I know you do, how could you not?

I love this one too. Jon was so cute with Brennen. Even though the water was FREEZING, Brennen had a blast! Thank God Jon was willing to take him in, it was far too cold for my feet!

Why is it that when you manage to get the perfect picture, the one that makes your devilish child look so angelic, he happens to have chocolate all around his mouth?! UGH!
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Teri said...

These are great shots. And your guys are adorable!

Dawn said...

That is when you need Photoshop...so you can fix your pic and get rid of the chocolate. :) Cute pictures!

angie said...

Holy Moly.....amazing pictures......such handsome boys!

Norm & Debra said...

i love the second picture, makes me excited to have a brother on the way for Canaan!

4funboys said...

check out those eyes!!!


Stephanie said...

Such handsome little men! You could have a spot of trouble in your hands in a few years...;)