"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Seriously, Again?!?!?! Graphic photos....Beware!

Last night, when they were SUPPOSED to be going to bed, Tucker and Tanner decided to play a little game. They were in their closet, climbing up on the wire shelving structure. It was apparently their "spaceship". Well, the game was going pretty well until Tanner lost his footing. Tucker had been trying to pull Tanner up onto the shelves and Tanner fell. Of course, being Tanner with the big head, he HIT his head when he fell. Yes, he hit his head....AGAIN! This is the 2nd time this week! He hit his head on the game shelves which are made of very sturdy formica-like material. The edges of the shelves are finished off in sharp 45 degree angles.....can you see where I'm going here? He whacked the back of his head with the full force of his falling body. Of course he screamed bloody murder at which point Jared rolled his eyes and said, "Man! What in the world are they doing now?" 2 seconds later I hear, "OH MY GOD!" Jared comes running up the stairs with Tanner in his arms. By this time, I'm in the kitchen wetting my red towel, just in case. Sure enough, he's bleeding profusely from the back of his head. I immediately got ice on it and called my neighbor.....my mom. She rushed down and confirmed our fear that YES, it does look like it needs stitches. SO, my mom and I took Tanner and Jon to the ER. Jon came along to hold the ice on Tanner's head and keep him alert. Luckily, minor injury was still open till 11pm which meant a $20 copay instead of a $100 ER copay. That totally helped!

Sorry but Picasa is acting up so I can't put the pics where I want them. They are numbered instead.

Picture #1 I took this picture with my cell phone. They had just put a topical numbing gel on his wound so they could check it out a bit more closely. Isn't he the cutest patient ever?
Picture #2 This is the graphic part......my baby ended up with 6 staples in his head. It was SO hard. I had to hold him down while they gave him an injection of pain meds. He sure is strong! And those lungs of his? I think I may be partially deaf in one ear now from the screaming. It took me, my mom, and the nurse to hold him still. It sucked. BUT, he thought it was cool that he's 6 and he got 6 staples.
Picture #3 He was commenting that his dad had blood on his shirt. I told him, "You know, you have blood all over the back of your shirt too?" Can you guess what he said?
"Oh SWEET!" He was SO proud! That's a true boy for ya!


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Melissa said...

Oh my, ouch!

4funboys said...

that's exactly what my son would say...

poor thing.

I am Boymom said...

Owww! Doesn't every person in the world have a scar on their head from something stupid they did as a kid? I made stairs by pulling out my dresser drawers so I could get to the top when I was 5. The dresser fell on top of me and landed on my forehead. Nice scar. Hope Tanner is okay soon. He sounds tough.