"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Did ya know?

You all know how personality filled Brennen is but did I ever tell you what a goofball Tanner is? This is what happens at my house if Tanner has the camera in his hot little hands. I didn't do anything to these pics, they are all just as he took them.



Side note: I'm in the process of having him tested for ADHD!
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blessedwith5 said...

I can't remember if I have asked you . . . have you tried the feingold diet? I have a long, long, story about that!

blessedwith5 said...

Hi There . . . The Feingold Diet basically rescued my kiddo from being poked, prodded and titled ADHD.

A short time after my Ryan age 6 this month began eating table foods, he began changing. He became very excitable and seemed to not hear what you were telling him. He could never sit still, but always seemed to be climbing the walls. We tried everything. One day, I had him in time out and he began crying, saying Mommy HELP me be good! My heart was broken hearing that statement. We had tried what seemed to be everything UNTIL that wonderful day that I found the Feingold Diet. I whole heartedly recommend it. The diet has so many testimonies of rescuing children - even some with autism. Beginning the Feingold Diet isn't really too bad . . . it begins with an elimination diet. We were truly amazed . . . after just three days on the diet of elimation (a list for level one is included of the foods to avoid for one month) there was an amazing change in our little guy - Ryan was three. You begin by eliminating a list of foods from the child's diet . . . some of the foods you will wonder why, but the information from Feingold explains it. We found that Ryan was EXTREMELY sensitive to artificial food colors that are included in so many foods. Just a few bites of yellow 5 or 6 or red 40 will send him bouncing off of the walls for up to three days. After the 30 days, you begin to introduce foods back into the child's diet a little at a time and watch for reactions. Not knowing your child, you may or may not have to take the Feingold diet further - there are so many things added to our foods that actually "poison" or "overdose" our children it is amazing.

We are very careful not to allow Ryan to be left out of special things. There are many great tasting alternatives - even to m & m candy.

I really urge you to check out Feingold - the program is Worth the money - $82.50 - BEFORE you have your son tested for ADHD TRY FEINGOLD! I am so glad we tried the program!

You can get the information and read testimonials at:


If you have any questions, just let me know! The one thing I can recommend - when you go shopping for groceries take your book with you. There are so many great alternatives!

blessedwith5 said...

Hi Dana . . . once your hubs sees the difference in your son, he will get on board! My hubs thought Feingold was a waste of time . . . until he saw the difference. Ryan had been calming down after about three days . . . huge difference. I was napping one day about two weeks after we began the Feingold Diet and Randy gave Ryan a snack - first a banana - no problem. Then he gave him a nutrigrain bar - you know they are supposed to be healthy. Well, within 20 minutes he was bouncing off of the walls so much that Randy came upstairs to the bedroom to ask me WHY the change in Ryan's behaviour. I asked him what he gave Ryan to eat. He confessed to the nutrigrain bar and said - well it was healthy. Not really, not for Ryan. After another 72 hours Ryan was back to calmness.

As far as the hassle of changing the child's diet - we began this:
One cookie or bag a doritos . . . hmmm is it worth 72 hours of this kid bouncing off of the walls? NO - give him something that is artificial color free.

Once you find what is setting your son off, you have won the battle!!! Being VERY careful with food becomes a natural part of your day to day life. Even Ryan will ask about food color BEFORE he eats something.

I hope you find Feingold your cure!

Melissa said...

Ha, what a funny kid!