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School pictures

Today is school picture day for Tucker and Tanner. I wasn't going to purchase any fall pictures this year. They always look so set up and proper. The school also does spring pictures and for some reason, those always seem to turn out far better and then I'm ticked because I already spent a small fortune purchasing FALL pictures which weren't nearly as nice. PLUS, the fall picture is the photo that's used in the yearbook anyhow, so why should I purchase those? I figured I'd just bypass the fall and buy spring instead. Until my boys chose their outfits! We don't put a lot of time and effort into school picture outfits. Honestly, I'm lucky if I remember to throw a check at my boys as they're exiting the car. But this year was different. The boys picked out their outfits weeks ago and I just couldn't find a way to explain that I wouldn't be purchasing the pics. They were SO excited as I ironed their outfits last night. I was hearing fabulous things from them...."you're the BEST mom ever!" "Thank you mom, I'm so glad you're MY mom!" And then this morning when they got dressed, my heart just melted. They are so dang cute! Yes, those are their outfits from the wedding.....I was SO glad to get pics since I didn't get many of them all dressed up on that day. Don't know why?!?! :0X
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SydneyDawn said...

Quite handsome.

Adelaine said...

Awww look at them all decked out for school pictures!!! How cute :)

Our school does the fall and spring pics too - with the spring ones being much more cool and casual. They use two different companies. Honestly, we will buy a bare minimum package at the fall pics to have a 5x7 for us and my parents. Then we will have a friend who should be a professional photographer take pics in the spring sometime. He is sooooo much better than the school photographer. Works out well for us!

blessedwith5 said...

Very handsome!