"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Brennen continues to amaze us all. He is SO smart and SO funny. My mom says, "He's so smart, it's like he's a girl!" No offense meant to boys.....I wouldn't know if this was really true or not anyways. I just know that:
1. He's NEVER smashed his fingers in a drawer. He will slam and then slow down, put his fingers in a straight, upright position and finish closing....finger-free.
2. Whenever somebody sneezes he will say "bless you" without prompting
3. If HE sneezes and there are boogers involved, he starts yelling for a tissue and then WAITS for it. No snot swiping hands here!
4. He knows what the garbage can is for and delights in throwing away even the tiniest piece of trash.
5. He picks up on songs and cartoon character names VERY quickly. He had NEVER seen Calliou but had seen previews.....we were watching Sprout and someone had made a bday card with Calliou on it. It was on the screen for maybe 5 seconds and Brennen was shouting "Calliou, Calliou" I actually had to rewind the DVR because I had no idea why he would be yelling that and sure enough, it WAS Calliou! (sorry Stephanie, I know how you feel about Calliou)

So, there you have it....further proof that my son is a genius! As if you had any doubt....

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