"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Brennen, my brother.

It's been a strange couple of days for me. Today, my baby Brennen is the EXACT age my brother Brennen was when he died. 23 months and 1 day. It's SO hard to imagine having, and enjoying this beautiful boy with the radiant smile and the bubbly personality and then just losing it all so quickly. Monday marked the day that my brother had his accident. They were able to keep him alive for 3 days before he died. I thought about it a bit with my other boys but it's different with Brennen. Probably because he's named after my brother. The boys and I have been talking about how difficult it would be to lose him. I've been wondering how in the world did my parents cope? To me, it's unimaginable. I'm so glad I have my beautiful boy with me, safe and healthy.


4funboys said...

so sorry for your loss... can't imagine!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dana. That is big stuff. Hard to think of ... I can't imagine.

Melissa said...

Oh my, so sorry. How old were you when he died? Or was he an older brother? Do you mind me asking what happened? If it is too personal I understand. Thinking of you as you remember your brother Brennen.