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It's been quite some time since I've really posted anything. I thought maybe I should post an update since there is so much going on.

Jon has been really focusing on his grades lately. I have to say that I am VERY proud of him. He brought home a 3.0 for his first high school semester! I know he could've done much better and after seeing the progress he made with just a tiny bit of effort, he's finally decided that it's worth his time to just go ahead and try hard the whole time. This is a huge step for him and I hope it sticks.

Jake has been transitioning to public education. This is his second try at this. It's very difficult for him to go from the sheltered, minimal amounts of work, lots of therapy to just regular school. He's managing to fit in well. His grades leave a lot to be desired but we're finding he has some holes in his skills. Luckily the school he's going in to is VERY willing to work with him. He's now spending half his day at regular school and the second half at his private school. He should be full time in middle school by April! Jake also just landed a Macy's job. The only catch is it may only appear in Hawaii! If not, he'll be in the Macy's one day May Day sale! Look for him!

Tucker has started taking meds for ADHD. He was having some focus problems in school which may be due to his recently diagnosed Sleep Apnea. He's been doing amazingly well with the meds. It's even helped him recognize how it's not always in his best interest to align himself with big bro Jake. Tucker is due to have his surgery on Tuesday the 17th. Tonsils and Adnoids are coming out. He will have to spend one night in the hospital to be monitored but then he'll be home. Pray that all goes well and he makes a speedy recovery. Who knows, he may not even need the meds afterwards!

Tanner has also started meds. Docs think most of his problem is depression. I think it's environmental. Living with Jake is tough. I feel it too.... BUT, I see him struggling with school and if just ONE thing can be made easier for him, I'm all for it. We've been noticing great changes in him an his happiness and focus at school. Not so much at home as with Tucker though, but it's still good.

Brennen is COMPLETELY potty trained! He was SO easy. He hasn't had in accident in the longest time and he rarely wakes up wet in the morning. He's wearing pull ups at night but I think it's just about time to ditch those. I've also discovered that I was making bedtime more difficult than neccessary by rocking him. One night while trying to get him to settle down, I told him that if he didn't stop squirming, I was going to put him in his bed. He said, "Please put me in bed Mom!" I did and he went right to sleep! Man, all those tough nights....when all the poor kid wanted was the peace and quiet of his own bed! I do find though that he's not too happy to go to bed unless I'm in MY bed too. Most nights that works out fine though.

The guys have also just gotten over some nasty virus. It looks just like strep throat. Fevers, RED throat, miserable. Lasted 2-5 days and was gone. Unfortunately it hit our house in two rounds. Tanner and Brennen had it two weeks ago. Jake and Tucker had it last week. Jon seems fine. He's always healthy. Lucky dog!

Well, I think that's about it for here! What's new with you?


Maggie said...

Thanks for the update! Poor Tucker... my oldest was diagnosed with ADD in Kindergarten, and has been on meds ever since. They worked really well up until he started going through puberty; now we have other issues. lol

Hope his surgery goes well!! Glad everyone is well again! =)

Kristin said...

WOW. That is quite an update. Lots going on with your guys. I have one with ADHD and the meds were a HUGE help. Hope that the surgury goes well. How cool is that Macy's job! Check in again when you get some time.

Amie said...

Way to go Brennen!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Wow! I am glad to see you again!
What an update-no wonder you hadn't posted in a while...
We all have that virus with fevers, here-it is so weird!
Glad you are back!

~Sheila~ said...

Hope Tucker's surgery for his Tonsils and Adnoids went well today!!

Hope Tanner is doing ok.

Congrats to Brennen for being potty trained so easily!!

Everyone is recovering from something.
Glad to hear from you and get an update!!