"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



I recently realized that I NEVER take poor little Brennen to the park. Why? I imagine it *could* be because I'm always so busy shuttling his brothers to their activities. Still though, I feel like it's quite unfair to him. I wanted to take him to the park today but after grocery shopping (ugh) there just wasn't enough time for lunch AND a trip to the park before the boys were done with school. The solution? His first ever trip to a McDonald's playplace. He LOVED it! He wolfed down half his cheeseburger in record time because he was just achin to play. He had so much fun. BUT, I've noticed that my little baby is somewhat of a bully! Could this be because he's low man on the totem pole at home? I caught him twice pushing smaller kids. The first time I told him that was NOT nice and he said sorry and hugged the little boy. The second time he had a time out since we had already talked about it. I guess the only solution is to take him to the park more so he learns to be gentle with smaller kids......

Really, it was a shock.....my sweet little boy being such a lil punk!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

My littlest one can be a bully too. Hmmm-maybe it is the low man on the tothem pole thing!
I know how you feel-I only have three, but my littlest one has attended more soccer and football games than necessary...I feel bad about that!

Bella Baby said...

AWW How cute! sounds like Brennen had fun! he's such a sweetheart! i dont know how the ;little guy could be such a bully! lol! I miss you guys! lol i dont see u as often! but i guess i'll see u guys soon hopefully! who knows! take a look at my new haircut on my blog!
love always,