"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


quiet-ish weekend and a BIG birthday!

I am having a quieter weekend than is the norm. Jon is away at a Boy Scout staff training weekend. (He's been chosen to help staff Brownsea this summer!) Jared, Jake and Tucker went up to Sonora to help my dad out with some work on one of his rental houses. (God only knows how they're all getting along!) I am home with just Tanner and Brennen. That doesn't really mean it's too quiet since they are both fairly active and quite loud. Still, it's a break. I was disappointed though to find that there were no good kid movies playing at the theater. We went out to lunch yesterday and had wanted to catch a movie but there was just NOTHING. Not even at home on Pay per View! We ended up having a "slumber party" in my room where we watched one of the dvds we already own. It was nice. The evening was not relaxing and I didn't sleep much. (they sleep EVERY which way) but it was great to have some time with just the little two. The big guys all return today and we will be having a big family dinner at Grandma's. 13 years ago today, Jake entered this world! He's always been extremely opinionated and marches to the beat of his own drum. It seems appropriate that he's finally hit the teenage years since he's had a teenage attitude for his entire life. Hey, maybe now he'll be sweet and compliant! A mom can dream, right?! He'll make one great adult....if he makes it that far!

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!!!!!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Happy Birthday to Jake-and you-what a weekend!
I can't sleep either if my boys are in my bed!
Have a great week!

~Sheila~ said...


Glad you had a pretty good weekend. Mine was pretty similar what with having only the youngest Of course, Angel was with me too so make that 2 children....

I can't sleep with ANYONE on the bed.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Hey Dana - I have heard that sometimes they change when they hit those teenage years. Here is to hoping!