"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


It's about time!

Jake has been in regular school all day for 2 days now and so far, things are going great. We had a really rough morning yesterday to where I refused to drive him to school. (he was literally beating Tucker up just driving down the hill!) BUT, Jared dropped him off and he had a great day. He's anxious, I get it....BUT, it's not ok for him to take out his anxiety on his brothers. Tucker's been incredibly antagonistic with Jake lately so I can't say that I'm surprised that Jake took it out on him.

Our house also seems to be "bug free"! You all know how long we've been battling these viruses. What a relief to be finally free of them! AND, just in time for seasonal allergies! YEAH!

The weather has been beautiful. Things are moving right along.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

That sounds like a good day-except for the beating! LOL

Bella Baby said...

sounds like things are going pretty well for you, Dana. I hope it stays that way! ^_^

i hope to see you tomorrow!