"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Spring cleaning?

The weather here has been less than stellar so, all day long I've been working on a spring cleaning of sorts. My house is just cluttered beyond belief and I am doing my best to unsentimentally declutter it. It's not easy when every time I turn around my boys have created some kind of destructive wake. Tucker actually had the nerve to tell me, "Well, we're boys what do you expect? Maybe you should try having a girl"

Uh, EXCUSE me?!?!! Yeah, he spent the next hour or so cleaning up his pig sty of a room. Complained the WHOLE time. Seriously, what a terd.

I have been making some progress. very.slowly. But hey, progress is progress so I'll take it.

I hope your weekend is more fun and/or productive than mine has been so far.

YIKES! I just realized, it's not EVEN the weekend yet! Man, this spring break is going to be a long one. I can feel it already.

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Bella Baby said...

sounds like you're just having loads of fun... haha! i hope things lighten up soon... ^_^