"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


How is it looking to you?

I don't know how this background looks to you all but I think I figured SOMETHING out. I changed my screen resolution and I can suddenly see all of the background. HUH, strange how that works. I'm still quite stumped on how to do a couple of things though....so if you have any advice or helpful hints....well, that would be helpful! I wanted to use the cute little ABOUT tag about my profile but can't figure out how to convert the picture to HTML to add it. I also would LOVE to be able to put up a new header but have been running into one brick wall after another with that. I did find some really cute options on Shabbyblogs.com. LOVE, love, LOve them! That's where I've been getting all of my goodies....for FREE! Love that even more. So, give me your input if you would, your advice if you have any.....



Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Try uploading your photo to photobucket and you can get a code there.

Hope it works for you!

Love your new background.

Connie Walsh said...

If you right click on the image and then select copy link location, it will give you this:


Now to put it somewhere. If you want to put it in the main blog part. When you are adding a blog post click on the little "add a picture" icon. When the add a pic window comes up paste the above into the right hand side where it says url or something.

If you want to put it in a sidebar, just go to the layout page, click to add the widget where you want. When the window comes up select html/java and then paste it in there.


I Am Boymom said...

Cute new background! I am still learning after a year of doing this!

24/7boymom said...

saw your blog while searching... :) the blog is looking great by the way... wish i knew how to make mine so pretty. but from the sounds of it you sound just about as busy as myself. just be happy you dont have 8 and your 9th on the way!
good luck with your boys and b-day tomorrow it sounds like. my jon is turning 15 as well tommorrow!

~Sheila~ said...

As I said before..I have no idea. If I ever wanted to change the background or anything to my blog I will have to recruit my cousin to come back over and get it done for me.
I think it looks great, though.