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An interesting May 20th tidbit.

Today has, twice, been named as my due date! Strange, huh? I was due to have Jon on May 20th although according to MY calculations, I was 40 weeks on May 23rd which just so happens to be the evening I went into labor. He was born on the 24th. I was also due to have Tanner on May 20th. He was more stubborn. I had no calculations for him so I went with the May 20th prediction. I was induced on May 23rd. I was in labor ALL DAY LONG and then sent home having made NO progress. I swore then and there I would wait it out....no matter HOW long it took. I was NOT going to try an induction again because, well, frankly, it sucked. I was back 5 days later. Being induced. He NEVER dropped! The nurses literally had to push from up above so the doctor could even touch his head! (TMI?) I was SO done with the pregnancy though....I was hardly able to breathe since he was so up in my ribs. So, Tanner came May 28th. Strange though....same due date....


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Hey preggo lady! Want some cookies?

You won my giveaway! Send me your address and we'll send you the sweets.

BTW, congrats on boy #6! Now you won't need to change your blog name! Whew!


Glad you're both healthy and I can't wait to see another gorgeous son of yours!

~Sheila~ said...

That is strange.

Wanna know what I just noticed about your tidbit???
You seem to be ovulating and someone's little soldiers seem to be running rogue around the same time each year in order to work out that same due date...lol