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New addition!

As many of you already know, I have a little flock of chickens. Several weeks ago, one of my hens started getting very cranky. She wanted to sit on her nest and ONLY sit on her nest. Never mind that she had no eggs under her, she was content to sit. I'm talking DAYS on end. I looked up some info online and found some stuff about hatching chicks so I started shoving random, freshly laid eggs under her. She seemed quite happy about that. She's been sitting on her nest for about 3 weeks now and today I found this!

She's only got about 6 eggs under her since I couldn't be sure if they were even fertilized. I do have a rooster, I just wasn't sure if he was really doing anything more than crowing! Apparently he has! I'm really hoping that the other eggs will be hatching because a herd of baby chicks would really just be more fun than a lone chicky. BUT, one is a start! I'm so excited and so are the boys. Since little white momma decided to sit on HER nest, a couple of other hens have followed suit. Needless to say, egg production is down somewhat but hopefully we'll be getting some fun new chickies out of it all! I'll post more pics once the little one makes his way out. It'll be interested to see what they all look like since they will be mixed breeds. Fun, fun, fun! And how nice for Robin to be a daddy on Father's Day. (not that roosters keep track of special occasions OR care! LOL)
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Sweet Annabelle said...

Good job to the rooster! Whoo-Hoo! Hope your flock increases,