"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


It's Monday again? Seriously?!?

UGH. Mondays suck....even in the summertime. They just have this UGH sort of a feel to them. It's going to be a quick and busy week for us considering we leave on Wednesday to go camping. The boys are SUPER excited. 7 mos pregnant mom...not so much. I'm sure there will be a lot of kodak moments and I'm definitely excited to get great pictures. The thought of tent camping though, pregnant, is not so fun. It's been AGES since we last went camping and it's just a TON of work. We're going to a lake though which is good and bad. Non waterproof 2 year old is bound to make me a nervous wreck. Thank God there is a big group going. My mom and dad, sister and bf, bro and sis in law are all coming along. Notice I didn't say Jared? Well, he can't commit since, you know, he may have work to do. I am bound and determined to have fun despite him.

I'm taking a couple of boys in for more allergy treatments today. Hope to get some main food things out of the way before camping. Their behavior is still steadily improving with each treatment. I currently have nothing but med free boys! It's been amazing to see firthand just how awesome this treatment is! Hopefully I can get a couple more treatments in as well but we're running out of days!

In stranger news...I am officially in my 3rd trimester! This is great since I'm already pretty much as big as a house! Man, sometimes I would swear there MUST be two in there. This is one strong kid. And possibly more active than his older brothers! I go in on the 25th for my 3D ultrasound. If you've had them before, you know how awesome they are...if not....trust me, they're SO cool. I can't wait to get a glimpse of this little guy. I think he's going to look a lot like Brennen. But my last ultrasound was about 11 weeks ago and a lot can change. Who knows, maybe the penis won't show up this time? Wouldn't that be weird and amazing?!

That's all I've got for now. Happy Monday to all!


Leslie said...

Have a great time camping!

~Sheila~ said...

I went camping with Angel and Dom (Dom was 4 yrs old at the time) a several months after I found out I was pregnant.
We slept on the beach in a tent and a hurricane swept through that night. I was the only one up and I was sticking towels in the corners of the tent trying to soak up the water so that we don't drown in our sleep.
Now, I sstick to non-pregnant camping.
I've never had a 3D ultrasound. How Awesome that would have been.