"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Everybody I know who is currently pregnant and due around the same time as me...well, they're already HAVING their babies! How unfair! One friend was due 5 days before me and she's got an almost 2 week old now! I know it's not so great to have a baby at 35 weeks pregnant but still, she never had to go through those hellacious last few days. I know that with my track record I will not be having this guy until at LEAST mid October. I guess I'm pretty fortunate in that I feel decent to good most of the time. Really, I can't complain. But, just ONCE I'd like to have my baby on time. I guess maybe this will be the one to surprise me. We shall see.... I don't have many days to go and it seems like the weeks are moving relatively quickly. What I'm REALLY hoping for is to just go into labor naturally. Please cross your fingers or say a prayer....whatever you believe in...I just don't want to be induced again! That's all for now.

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