"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Full Moon

It's tonight. In case you're wondering. The next full moon. Maybe that will help encourage this lil guy to GET OUT OF MY BELLY! I know, I am THE MOST impatient person ever! I just feel like I've been waiting SO long. I'n not uncomfortable (not too bad) I just would LOVE to NOT have to be induced. At my next appt, they will make me talk induction. I despise induction. Really, what I'd love, if it were all up to me would be to have this baby in the comfort of my OWN home. I don't really even want to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, when I researched home births, I found it to be VERY expensive. We're talking $5000 minimum! YIKES! At least with my coverage, I go to the hospital and go home without spending a dime! It's almost like I get a free baby....well, free to take home, where I can spend the rest of my life spending money on him! Cross your fingers that the full moon will help! Besides, my entire family will be together at my mom's for a family dinner tonight. We'll already be assembled so we can just carpool to the hospital. Good plan, right?


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Sounds like a plan...WELL???

~Sheila~ said...

Nothing like spending time with family asking "When is the little fella gonna come out?" lol

Good luck.