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I'm over it

I had another doctors appointment today and I am now 3 cm dialated. I made them do a non stress test because last week, the doctor mentioned that if a baby is overdue, the chances of stillbirth increase dramatically. Yeah, freak me out for no reason. She forgot to mention it was after they are 42 weeks... All went well with the test. He was an absolute maniac of motion. I had to schedule an induction but since I am more dialated now I set it for as far out as I could in hopes that the baby will be here before I reach that date. It's set for NEXT Friday, the 16th. All along though, I was thinking he'd be here on 10/10. Makes sense to me since Brennen was here on 12/12. Right?! So, I went walking....AGAIN today. I came home and completely cleaned my room and pulled the majority of my maternity clothes out of my drawers. I won't be needing them anymore after this weekend. (power of positive thinking?) I will keep you all posted.....cross your fingers that my water breaks. At least then there's no turning back!


karim said...

A valuable post on positivethinking

Karim - Positive thinking

~Sheila~ said...

Good Luck!!!!

you should be on twitter so you can tweet it play by play..lol

Can't wait for the next post, hopefully it'll be about the birth experience!

Lauren said...

Good Luck and hang in there!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Come on already, baby!!!