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It just may be a white Christmas this year?!.....

WOW! Who ever called this place SUNNY California? This is what we woke up to yesterday. SNOW! At MY house! YIKES! It wasn't much but it was there for sure and it stuck around for awhile. I didn't get a picture of it (because I sort of suck) but Tucker and Tanner actually built a snowman! Granted he was only about 12 inches tall but HEY, he was a snowman in MY driveway! It's definitely cold enough to snow again. It was a chilly 22 degrees when I woke up. Hopefully we'll get some more of the white stuff here....the kids LOVED it!


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Stephanie said...

We're moving to Tehachapi at the end of this month and I checked the weather report this morning and they have a foot of snow! This is not what I had in mind when I signed on to move to California! Sheesh! Merry Christmas!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Is that a convertible in the middle? Yikes.